Species named after famous people

With up to 24,000 new species being identified every year, a lot of new names need to be created. Sometimes they are given a Latin name that translates into a defining feature, sometimes it’s named after where it was found, and sometimes they are named after famous people. Here are a few weird ones I […]

‘How I got to medical school via A&E and the chicken shop’: We need more doctors like this

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-48991071 I recently read an inspiring article on BBC news about a man who completely turned his life around and became a doctor. He started off as a young boy with no aspirations, hanging around with the wrong group of people, seeing his friend getting stabbed. Then, through an unfortunate accident and visit to hospital […]

How nappies were used to develop a shrink ray

Okay, not quite. But scientists at MIT have found a way to use the polymer found in nappies, polyacrylate, to create objects that shrink when dehydrated. This newly developed process called implosion fabrication allows objects to be quickly and inexpensively shrunk to the nanoscale. It has the potential to revolutionise a multitude of fields, from medicine to […]