Growing placentas in the lab: Why is this so important?

Recently, scientists at Cambridge developed a method to grow mini placentas in the lab, but why should we care? Disorders in pregnancy is incredibly common worldwide, encompassing pre-eclampsia, stillbirth, and growth restriction babies (see below). In various labs all over the world, research is being undertaken to discover exactly why this happens, with the hope […]

Why don’t humans leak? How does your skin hold in bodily fluids?

From Medical Daily:  Scientists Have Figured Out Why Human Skin Doesn’t Leak BEC CREW 22 JAN 2018 Our skin might give us grief sometimes, but one thing we can always depend on it to do is not start indiscriminately leaking blood and sweat everywhere – despite the fact that we’re shedding roughly 500 million cells every 24 […]

The people who can’t go numb at the Dentist’s: Local anaesthetic doesn’t always work

Shared from the BBC:  By Chris Baraniuk, 9 January 2017 Some people are resistant to local anaesthetic, meaning they must endure dental and medical procedures without such pain relief. And we’re only beginning to understand why To Lori Lemon, the doctors all seemed flabbergasted. She had come in to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, to […]