So you want to get into medical school?

It is notoriously difficult to get into medical school, so I’m going to list a few resources that I found incredibly useful to prepare me for the interviews,  applications and A levels. Further down the page you will find a link to my A level Biology notes that I’m selling, and a friend’s Physics, Maths, and Chemistry notes! Also, at the very bottom of this page are two documents containing lots of advice about applying to medical school:

Websites for preparation / courses:

Books for admissions preparation:

  • 600 BMAT questions
  • ‘medical school interviews’ isc medical
  • Resources from medic mentor and 6med
  • Critical thinking books for BMAT

Wider reading:

  • BBC health / science for news
  • Guardian health for news
  • New Scientist magazine
  • BBC focus magazines
  • Student BMJ
  • BBC podcasts eg ‘inside the ethics committee’
  • Radio four podcasts
  • Future learn – many relevant free online courses on here


  • The Emperor of all Maladies
  • The Big Bang and why you need to know about it
  • New scientist books (eg ‘question everything’)
  • Medic mentor magazine
  • Junk DNA
  • The compatibility gene
  • The man who mistook his wife for a hat (and other Oliver Sacks books)
  • Richard Dawkins books
  • ‘A very short introduction’ books on pretty much any topic

For getting the grades at A level:



I am selling PDF versions of my hand written A level biology notes that helped me achieve an A*

Just search on ebay: A* Biology A level student notes AQA OCR Edexcel & IB year 1 & 2!


A friend has kindly given me access to his absolutely amazing hand-written A level notes for Maths, Physics and Chemistry, completing the set with my Biology notes above!! To access these, follow this link here to a google drive containing them. Check it out and you won’t regret it!:


The creators of  provide fantastic personal statement advice, and I know because I used it! They helped me dissect my personal statement so it was punchy, specific, relevant and included all the important skills you need for medicine. I would recommend giving it a try!


The above focused a lot on resources to help you make your application spot on. Here are a few websites that give a lot of great information and reflections about applying for medicine and life as a doctor:


Do you want my help with your application? 

Whenever I give someone guidance about applying to medicine, I always send them these advice documents. They are my in depth guides about how to prepare for applying to medical school, including how I would approach planning your personal statement. Hopefully, by uploading these, I can help even more people achieve their goals. The documents consist of:

  • An advice booklet:
    • An introduction describing what medicine involves, what doctors do, the progression through medical school
    • The different types of medical schools and courses
    • Requirements
    • How to make your application stand out 
    • Work experience: how to obtain it and reflect on it
    • An extensive list of resource, books, blogs, podcasts, websites  I used when applying 
  • And a personal statement advice document


Click below to download the documents:


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