(Bio)Engineering a dragon

It’s clear we do need dragons, even if only for the sole reason that it’d be absolutely awesome!.. Reading this blog post made me think – how hard would it be to (bio)engineer a dragon? I’ve put some thought into it and a pinch of my biology and genetics knowledge, and figured that if I were to do it, I’d take into consideration the following steps.

First comes the chicken

Birds’ skeletons are already optimized for flying. Flying is a very energy expensive activity, and in higher animals energy is supplied by  a chemical reaction involving oxygen. The air-sacs in birds bones allow them to “store” the extra oxygen needed to fuel their flight.

Birds also have scales-covered legs. These scales are called scutesand they are evolutionary the same as the armor-like scales of crocodiles, turtles and armadillos. The fact that the birds already have the gene for suck…

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