Australia wants to ban unvaccinated children from preschool – should they?

No jab, no play. So says the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who has announced a proposal to bar unvaccinated children from attending preschools and daycare centres. Currently, 93 per cent of Australian children receive the standard childhood vaccinations, including those for measles, mumps and rubella, but the government wants to lift this to 95 per […]

Why do miscarriages occur? Timing when you get pregnant could prevent a miscarriage

Timing when you get pregnant could prevent a miscarriage By Jessica Hamzelou Miscarriage could be caused by too many ageing cells and a fluctuating immune response. This finding suggests that carefully timing a pregnancy could prevent miscarriage and increase a woman’s chances of delivering a baby. “All the ‘treatments’ we’ve been giving to women who […]

Can we prevent ageing? Clean your old blood, or make it young.

Antibody can protect brains from the ageing effects of old blood By Jessica Hamzelou Old blood may have a powerful effect, damaging organs and contributing to ageing. Now a compound has been developed that seems to protect against this, preventing mice’s brains from ageing. The effects of blood on ageing were first discovered in […]