Good hydrations: how do drinks affect our health? Fruit juice, fizzy drinks, milk and health drinks

Shared from the New Scientist:|NSNS|2017-GLOBAL-inlinelink&utm_medium=ILC&utm_source=NSNS&utm_campaign=inlinelink Good hydrations: Is fruit juice better than soda? Fizzy pop is just candy in a can, and diet alternatives are full of nasties. Pure 100% fruit juice is best – or so we’re led to believe Sugary drinks rot your teeth, and the more you drink, the more they […]

Will we be able to find a cure for dementia?

Diary of a Medical Student

I’m back again today with another topic I want to talk about! I’ve actually touched on the topic of dementia before in a previous post, but as I was reviewing it I realised that I hadn’t discussed whether a cure would be a possibility, which is something that everybody seems to wondering and hoping. I would like to use this post to review current research on dementia and reflect on other ways that scientists are hopeful the condition could be cured. I will be discussing: the development of dementia, trials for a new dementia drug, strobe light therapy, gene therapy, a dementia vaccine and stem cells. Now let’s jump straight into it. Make sure you read the post I wrote earlier for a good background before you delve into this one.

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Why do some people’s armpits smell? Swapping bacteria from a less smelly person can fix that

Stinky armpits? Bacteria from a less smelly person can fix them Sweet smelling Glowimages/Getty By Jessica Hamzelou Got BO? Blame the bacteria living in your armpits. In some people, bacteria cause body odour that no deodorant can disguise. But replacing them with underarm bacteria from a less smelly person can solve the problem, for a […]